2017 Urban Artifact Review

2017 Urban Artifact Review

In 2017 we…

§ Produced 94 packaged beers, including 32 unique Midwest Fruit Tart variants.

§ Used over 75,000 pounds of fresh fruit in our beers *.

§ Hosted 881 musicians or music groups. Our most frequent performer was the Blue Wisp Big Band at 52 times (every Wednesday).

§ Paid out $138,433 to musicians and music groups as part of our nightly music and event calendar. Over 90% of this went to local, Cincinnati artists.

§ Started a radio station, streaming 24/7. Radio Artifact.

§ Expanded our distribution footprint to outside of Ohio to Indiana and parts of Kentucky and Tennessee.

§ Hosted 17 weddings in the venue.

§ Coined a beer style term: Midwest Fruit Tart.

§ Released our first 100% spontaneous fermentation barrel-aged sour beers.


Scott Hand
Chief of Organization

*  Fresh fruit included: Raspberry, Blackberry, Black Raspberry, Alphonso Mango, Boysenberry, White Freestone Peach, Yellow Freestone Peach, Pink Guava, White Guava, Pineapple, Strawberry, Apricot, Cucumber, Passionfruit, Kumquat, Blood Orange, Seville Orange, Navel Orange, Meyer Lemon, Persian Lime, Key Lime, Pear, Crabapple, Cranberry, Red Plum, Concord Grape, Sauvignon Blanc, Black Plum, Black Currant, Red Currant, Montmorency Cherry, Black Cherry, Royal Anne Cherry, Banana, Coconut
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