Cincinnati Black Raspberry


Cincinnati Black Raspberry

In the the Cincinnati region, we're very proud of our famous seasonal treat, the Cincinnati Black Raspberry or "black caps". Since humans have inhabited the continent, we have foraged for native black raspberries that grow from the east coast to the Rocky Mountains. In southwest Ohio, the berries developed a distinctive taste when cultivated.

black raspberries ripening on a branchPhoto credit: Stokes Berry Farm

Unique Conditions

The distinctive taste of the Cincinnati Black Cap is derived from the combination of weather, water and soil uniquely found the Miami River Valley in southwest Ohio.

 Cincinnati Black Raspberries growing in the fieldPhoto credit: Stokes Berry Farm

Culinary Experience

The Cincinnati Black Raspberry is used in everything from sweet desserts like ice cream, pies, doughnuts to preserves, jams, and beverages. Sweeter than blackberries and healthier than red raspberries, the Cincinnati Black Cap can be found in creations produced by the Cincinnati region's favorite restaurants, breweries, creameries, and bakeries. 

Read more about the Cincinnati Black Raspberry from Edible Ohio Valley:

Fruit Tarts

Urban Artifact has been brewing with Cincinnati Black Raspberries since 2017, with the first batch of Triceratops, an oak-barrel-aged wild sour packed with black caps. Since developing and honing the Fruit Tart style, we've constantly been searching for specific fruits that bring a special element to the glass. The Cincinnati Black Raspberry is an absolute star, with color, aroma, and flavor off the charts from the fresh fruit all the way through fermentation.

Since then, we've brewed a Rare Midwest Fruit Tart named Bathysphere every year we can get our hands on enough Cincinnati Black Raspberries to fill a whole batch of the inky deliciousness. We've also been peppering our Small Batch Society with epicurean-inspired Fruit Tarts like Black Raspberry Cobbler.

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