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Urban Artifact is a Cincinnati, Ohio brewery dedicated to producing world-class Fruit Tarts made exclusively with real fruit. Started in 2015, we are now the largest dedicated fruit brewery in the world. Urban Artifact has defined and coined new brewing styles, techniques, and expertise, helping shape the way that real fruit is enjoyed. Our award-winning Fruit Tarts have redefined the beer industry.

We have been brewing fruit beers since 2015. We labeled the original "Midwest Fruit Tart" in 2016 with the first batch of Gadget, our flagship Mixed Berry MWFT. We have been brewing the original Pickle beer since 2016, and have brewed with over 100 different varieties of fruit along the way. We currently use over 1,000,000 lbs of real fruit each year.

Urban Artifact has three original co-founders that continue to manage the brewery along with a phenomenal team of creative and hard-working folks. We operate in the historic St. Patrick's Church in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood; offering a taproom, full bar, music recording soundstage, radio station, and event space. 


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