2022 Fruit Tart Wrap Up

2022 Fruit Tart Wrap Up

Best New Fruit Tart

Teak - Tropical American Fruit Tart Our newest award-winning addition to the year-round lineup makes smiles appear like magic everywhere he visits.
Teak can with fruit on top of sand and shells

Farthest Shelves

We're now in retailers in Oregon and Florida, over 3,000 miles apart!

So Strange It Works

Xmas Pickle - This is the one that garners the most requests each year! Available now! (pssst...and will be returning year-round in 2023)
Xmas Pickle cans

Most Exotic Fruit

Lychee (used in Petroglyph, our Rare Midwest Fruit Tart)
Petroglpyh cans sitting in lychees

Favorite Pilot Batch

Tie: Missing Linck Banana Nut Fruit Tart Small Batch Society - Black Cherry Cranberry Ginger Lime Fruit Tart

Most Colorful

The Cincinnati Black Raspberry - We're not supposed to have favorites, but we love the Cincinnati Black Rasperry and the color and smell are the best.
Black Raspberries in a blender

Best Product Innovation

Fresh Fruit Tart - Our biggest introduction of the year came from our "Freshies". Every Wednesday, the team blends up fresh real fruit with our tart base and serves a smooth, sweet Fresh Fruit Tart on draft.
Fresh Fruit Tart on draft

Best Berry You've Never Heard Of

Obsidian Berry - We used this unique blackberry varietal in our Rare Midwest Fruit Tart, Seismoscope. It was developed in Oregon from cross polinating Marionberries, Boysenberries, and Olallieberries.

Most Shared Post

Peaches & Cream - Our new product releases are always our most popular posts on social media. The announcement of Peaches & Cream with this delicious photo stole the show for 2022. Get ready for Peaches & Cream to steal your heart in 2023, too. (returning in a couple months!)
Peaches & Cream can on peaches
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