Spirits & New Years Resolutions

The ol’ New Year’s resolution—because there’s really only one time of year to try to get yourself back on the right track, amirite? Well, if you decide to take a dry month (don’t), then you may as well start reading the next article. For the rest of us imbibers, what better way to convince yourself that you’re actually sticking to your resolution this year than by cutting back on beer (with all its carbs and calories) and starting to drink spirits like an adult person. There are some choice spots to check out in Northside for all of your brown and clear spirituous needs.

 Littlefield, Spring Grove Ave. –  Oh, sweet, sweet, bourbon. Is there a more American beverage? I think not! Bourbon—neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water—is the best bang for your ethanol-fueled-caloric buck, and Littlefield has over 70 different bourbons for your guilt-free enjoyment. 

Arcade Legacy, Spring Grove Ave.— New year, new games, new drinks! Let your body figure out what’s getting more stimulation, your brain or your liver, while you enjoy a house cocktail and practice serving up tall, frothy glasses of virtual liquid in Root Beer Tapper.

Barrio Tequileria, Spring Grove Ave. – Tequila? Tequila. From south of the border, Barrio is serving up over 20 different tequilas for you to enjoy in a flight, on the rocks, or in one of their delicious house margaritas. Lime, salt, tequila? Tequila, salt, lime? How does that go again….? Bartender!

Ruth’s Parkside Café, Blue Rock St. – There is only one cocktail ruling as the undisputed monarch of the clear spirits realm, The Martini. Whether you prefer vodka or gin, shaken or stirred, olive or twist (ha!), Ruth’s will pour you a martini that is sure to be colder than the weather waiting for you outside.

Junker’s Tavern, Langland St. – Who are you kidding? It’s the end of the month, and you may as well drop the charade and get back to the beer. Ease back into your old, beer-y self with a Boilermaker (beer and a shot of choice). Guarantee you won’t find a cheaper (or stiffer) drink anywhere else in Northside.

This post was originally written by Bret Kollmann Baker for The Northsider in 2017.

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