China International Beer Competition

China International Beer Competition

Urban Artifact was the only western nation brewery to claim victory at the renowned China International Beer Competition

In the vast world of craft beer, where innovation and expertise collide, Urban Artifact has set a benchmark that resonates globally.  At the China International Beer Competition, renowned for its stringent judging and prestigious awards, Urban Artifact didn't merely claim two coveted medals; they set themselves apart, establishing their real fruit brewing expertise as an unparalleled presence amidst global competitors.

They have emerged not just as the sole representative from the United States, but from any Western nation, to be acknowledged this year.  "To be the sole winning US Brewery as well as the only winner from a western nation at such a premier competition is an exhilarating feeling," says Bret Kollmann Baker, Chief of Operations at Urban Artifact. "Our Gadget Fruit Tart and Peaches & Cream Fruit Tart stand as testimonies to our passion, craftsmanship, and dedication to the craft. This recognition is not just an honor, but a testament to the tireless effort, innovation, and quality we pour into every brew.

Their iconic Gadget Fruit Tart achieved the prestigious 3-star distinction, while the delectable Peaches & Cream Fruit Tart wasn’t far behind, earning a notable 1-star award.  As breweries from every corner of the planet jostled for recognition, Urban Artifact's offerings stood unparalleled. No other brewery from the U.S., or indeed any Western country, mirrored their success.

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